Quality Management

Quality Policy

a. For our Company, quality means fulfilling the requirements agreed with our customers about the products and services provision, at the lowest cost possible.

b. We are convinced that this is the way to assure the customers’ satisfaction. Achieving a high level of satisfaction is a decisive step to be competitive

c. Our commitment is to reach the highest quality level and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to be recognized in our country and abroad.

d. We know that deviations may exist in the standards expected. Our permanent attention allows us to detect, correct or help our providers and customers to correct them, in accordance with our commitment towards continuous improvement

e. We set up quality objectives with their corresponding indicators , periodically audited to assure compliance and suitability.

f. Each employee has an important role and responsibility in the quality process. For this reason, they are trained by all means to be able to fulfill all the requirements.

g. Compliance with the quality objectives is taken as basic rule by the personnel; knowing that it contributes to the company subsistence and source of employment and acting as such in their workplace.

h.The present policy is established, kept, communicated to the personnel and periodically audited to assure its suitability.

SEDRONAR Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality Certification

Calarca has fulfilled the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Policy since August 2004. Such certificate was issued by Bureau Veritas Entity.