About us

Our history

The company was founded in September of 1982 by the engineer Jorge Cáceres and his sons Enrique, Guillermo and Mariano. The first business were the representation of Rohm and Haas and the commercialization of a series of basic inputs.

Little time later the company begins to manufacture some assistants for the finish of leathers.

When stopping to produce Rohm and Haas in the country, teams of the line of enzymatic purges are acquired for leathers and the company took this line like its heart of business.

During the decade of the 80 until principles of the 90, the representation of the company Merquinsa Argentina was managed in the whole range of products for finish of the leather.

In the year 1987 the first exports of concentrated enzymes began to Europe and Asia.

Then the company enlarged the quantity of products of own production for local market and export, and you began to enlarge the Asian markets.

In 1998 we begin with the representation of Schill + Seilacher of Germany for all South America.

In 1999 we open our first commercial office in Brazil.

From the 2004 we have a technician living in Asia with base in India.

In the 2004 the company certified the norms ISO 9001 by means of the Bureau Veritas.

Today, Calarca has a bigger facility to 25 broadly qualified people, with technicians that lend service in the entire world to the client and with a net of representatives and distributors in more than 10 countries.

Our funderfundador

Jorge Eduardo Caceres, was born in Buenos Aires November 17 1925.

Finished the school in the National School of Buenos Aires and he was received than Industrial Engineer in the ability of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires.

He intruded in the plastic industry for 12 years.In 1967 he began as technical salesperson for the company Rohm and Haas. Quickly he ascended to manager of sales of polymers in Argentina. In 1971 he ended up being General Manager of the Area of industrial sales in Colombia.

In the year 1982 completed their dream and he was founded next to their our children company: Calarca S.A.

Our staff

Guillermo Caceres President- Institutional Relations
Mariano Caceres Director- International Sales Manager
Daniel Tronchetti General Manager- Technical Manager
Juan Jose Fasanello International Trade – Finance
Quimey… Technical Assistant (wet area) – Asia / Argentina
Marcelo Fioretti Technical Assistant (wet area) – Argentina
Miguel Medina Technical Assistant (wet area) – Argentina